Herd Bulls


CED+1.2 BW+3.4 WW+53 YW+82 MILK+29
REA+0.56 MARB+0.19
March 9, 2015 son of SHF Rib Eye M326 R117 and out of a daughter of Grandview 7OAKS Sonora 145R.


CED+4.1 BW+2.5 WW+60 YW+98 MILK+23
REA+0.89 MARB+0.35
Nov. 30, 2014 son of KCF Bennett Revolution X51 and out of TH 122 45P Dominette 120W.


CED-1.9 BW+2.9 WW+46 YW+72 MILK+31 REA+0.67 MARB+0.17
Feb. 23, 2015 son of GV CMR X161 Times Up A152 and out of CMR Ms P606 Jenny 58T 278T ET.


CED+0.7 BW+2.4 WW+45 YW+71 MILK+29 REA+0.07 MARB+0.24
March 20, 2014 son of GRNDVIEW CMR156T VisionY509 ET and out of CMR GV 484 Miss 5413.